Galleries on different subjects related to the history of mercenaries. Here are no articles only images.

Buccaneer Pirates and Buccaneers
Pirates and Buccaneers in the Caribbean served mainly French, Dutch and British as a kind of self-financed mercenaries in their war against Spain.

Foreign Legion Pulp Myth Foreign Legion
Probably because the French Foreign Legion was the last permanent mercenary unit in the age of mass media its history is hidden behind piles of popular images.

Siege engine Medieval Sieges
Because of all the war engines, the mining operations and not least because of the long duration were mercenaries most important for sieges on the defending side as well in service of the attackers.

Black Slave Slavery and Slavetrade
Slavery and slave trade are closely linked to mercenaries, they served in the African trading posts, on the infamous ships and in the plantation colonies.