Soldiers of Misfortune

 the history of mercenaries

Slavery and Slavetrade

Slavery and slave trade are closely linked to mercenaries, they served in the African trading posts, on the infamous ships and in the plantation colonies.

Forts and Slave Trade in Africa

Cape Coast Castle
The important slavery fort Cape Coast Castle in Ghana. Founded by Swedish traders, later British.

Cape Coast Castle
Cape Coast Castle in 1727.

Fort el Mina
Fort Elmina in Ghana, the oldest European Fort south of the Sahara. Founded by the Portuguese, later Dutch.

Fort el Mina
Fort Elmina.

Fort Axim
Fort Axim in Ghana, founded by the Portuguese, later Dutch.

Interiour of a slave fort
Interiour of a slave fort.

Gorée Island
Gorée Island part of the city of Dakar, Senegal. Founded by the Portuguese, later Dutch, then French.

Brandenburgian Ships
Brandenburgian Ships taking posession of the new colony Groß Friedrichsburg in Ghana.

Groß Friedrichsburg
Groß Friedrichsburg
The small Brandenburgian Fort Groß Friedrichsburg in Ghana.

Old Engravings

Brazilian Slave
Brazilian slave in the 17th century armed by the Dutch

Maroon in Surinam
Rebellious slave, so called "Maroon" in Surinam

The Haitian Revolution (1791-1804)

Plantation on Haiti
Plantation on Haiti

Revolution on Haiti
Revolution on Haiti

Fighting on Haiti
Tighting in the jungle

Polish troops on Haiti
Polish soldiers fighting former slaves on Haiti

Revenge on Haiti
Revenge of former slaves